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ARTES CHRISTI:  Artes Christi Australia Inc (ACA) is an arts association based in Sydney with a specific focus on supporting Catholic and Christian communities. Our projects include concerts, musicals and plays and we also offer services in the areas of artistic design, event management, media liaison and marketing to the Catholic and Christian community. Formally established in 2005, Artes Christi’s mission is ‘to seek the Face of Christ through the arts’ and over the years we have worked on many projects.

Artes Christi is distributing the MACKILLOP DVD across Australia.

RECOMMENDED PRICE: The recommended retail price for the MACKILLOP DVD is $20 per DVD (incl GST).

BACKGROUND: MACKILLOP was written by Melbourne composer Xavier Brouwer and stars acclaimed opera soprano Joanna Cole in the title role.  MACKILLOP was almost 10 years in the making following significant consultation between the composer, Fr Paul Gardiner SJ  and the Sisters of St Joseph.  100% of the profits from the production also supported the Mary MacKillop Canonisation Appeal.  For more information on MACKILLOP please visit

DVD TRAILER: A 2 minute trailer on the production of MACKILLOP can also be viewed either at or at 



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mob. 0410 51 3056 - Anthony McCarthy

mob. 0403 010 313 - Kieran Walton

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