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Canossa Australia

Cardinal Newman Faith Resources Inc

National Resource Centre, non-profit Catholic bookshop, specialists in family catechetics

Caritas Australia

The Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development

Catholic Bushwalking Club

There are two Catholic Bushwalking Clubs both with a history of more than 50 years - in Sydney and in Brisbane.

Catholic Cemeteries Board

Catholic Cemeteries Board is an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney and was established by His Eminence, Cardinal Clancy in 1996 to manage several Catholic cemeteries.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Catholic Charismatic Renewal exists to promote renewal in the Catholic Church by fostering the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Catholic Charities Adelaide

Catholic Charities supports Catholic welfare agencies within the Archdiocese of Adelaide.

Catholic Concern for Animals - Australia

Catholic Concern for Animals

Catholic Doctors Association (VIC)

Catholic Engaged Encounter

Catholic Engaged Encounter is a marriage preparation course to build the vital skills for a lifelong marriage

Catholic Faith Exploration

CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration). Flexible program that promotes spiritual communion, re-awakens and deepens faith, informative, easy to run, and suitable for small or large groups.

Catholic Multicultural Pastoral Services

Catholic Office for Youth & Young Adults

Catholic Office for Youth & Young Adults works in partnership-affirming, encouraging, challenging and supporting young people and those who accompany them on their faith journeys.

Catholic Resource & Information Service (CRIS)

The Catholic Resource & Information Service (CRIS) supports the mission of parishes, schools and other Church agencies in their pastoral outreach as communities of faith.

Catholic School of Evangelisation

Catholic School of Evangelisation exists to form Catholics as disciples and equip them for evangelisation. 

Catholic Society for Marriage Education

Catholic Theological College

Catholic Theological College offers adults rich opportunities to come to a deeper appreciation of their faith in an ecumenical setting.

Catholic Women's League

Catholic Women's League is an organisation dedicated to upholding the dignity of women through education and encouraging their participation in social and public life. 

Catholic Youth Services

Central Catholic Bookshop

Central Catholic Bookshop provides quality literature and devotional items which faithfully express the Catholic tradition.  The only retail outlet is in Melbourne.

Cherish Life QLD

Cherish Life Queensland (previously Queensland Right to Life) is a non-denominational, non-party political association of people who are concerned about issues relating to a person's right to life, especially in relation to abortion, infanticide, embryo experimentation and euthanasia.

Choicez Media

Choicez Media provides values based education media

Christian Life Community (CLC)

The Christian Life Community (CLC) way of life invites us to encounter God in all the various aspects of our everyday life.

Commission for Ecumenism and Inter-religious Relation

Community for a Better World

Community for a Better World in Australia is part of an international group of lay people married and single, bishops, religious men and women, deacons and priests of the Catholic Church

Community for Christian Meditation

The World Community for Christian Meditation exists to communicate and nurture meditation as taught by John Main for the unity of all.

Confraternity Of Christ The Priest

Corpus Christi Priests Association

The Corpus Christi Priests Association is the alumni association of Corpus Christi College Seminary in Melbourne.

Council for Australian Catholic Women

Promoting the participation of women in the Catholic Church.

Council of Catholic School Parents

The Council of Catholic School Parents is the peak parent body for parents and carers with children in Catholic schools in NSW & ACT.
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