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Aid to the Church in Need

Aid to the Church in Need is a Catholic charity, dependent on the Holy See.  We provide pastoral relief to needy and oppressed Churches.  As such we appeal to Catholics throughout Australia to help the cause


Antioch is a parish-based ministry of youth to youth. It is for young people of aged 16 to 21 and a little older.

Apostleship of the Sea

Archbishop's Office of Evangelisation

The Archbishop’s Office for Evangelisation (AOFE) is an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Artes Christi

Artes Christi Australia Inc (ACA) is an arts association based in Sydney with a specific focus on supporting Catholic and Christian communities.

Association of Catholic Achivists

Association of Catholic Achivists exists to support archivists working in Catholic and other institutions where there are small archives.

Association Of Catholic School Principals

The Association represents 600 NSW Catholic School Principals from Primary, Secondary and Special Schools which includes Systemic and Congregational Schools.

Association Of Principals Of Catholic Secondary Schools

Catholic Secondary Principals Australia (CaSPA) is the national peak body for Australian Catholic secondary school principals

Association Of The Sovereign Miltiary Order Of Malta

The Order of Malta remains true to its original purpose, summarized in the motto "Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum" - Defense of the Faith and Assistance to the poor and the suffering, although Tuitio Fidei is now an intellectual and social task, rather than a military one

Australian and New Zealand Stewardship Network

Supporting dioceses and parishes in living the stewardship way of life.

Australian Catholic Historical Society

It is our aim to promote interest, recording, and research in Australia's Catholic history.

Australian Catholic Students Association

The Australian Catholic Students Association (ACSA) is a national organisation of Catholic students

Australian Council of Natural Family Planning Incorporated (ACNFP)

Australian Council of Natural Family Planning Incorporated (ACNFP) affiliated centres offer natural effective fertility management Methods for couples to plan their family

Australian Guild of Saint Stephen

The Australian Guild of Saint Stephen exists: to encourage the highest standards of altar serving, to provide altar servers with a greater understanding of what they are doing, to unite servers of different parishes and dioceses, and to foster vocations to priesthood and religious life. Through affiliation, the Australian Guild is part of the International Public Association of altar servers called the Archconfraternity of Saint Stephen.
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