Testimony of Faith
The War Within Myself

By Kevin Smith

My Catholic faith comes from the Irish: from a country famed for faith conflict. I learnt of tough times from my parents and grandparents, who experienced the effects of great depression in Australia and were of large working class families.  Mum has always been very pious; dad was not involved in church other than some parish maintenance work. I was ambivalent about the faith.

God is the same all over the World

By Bertha

I was born on a small island, Gozo. When I was just 4 days old, my parents had me baptised in the parish of Gharb where we were living at the time.

I have always associated the word belief with my religion. I was born and raised a Catholic which means I belong to a community of millions around the world. Like most in this community, I base my beliefs on the Holy Scriptures and the church teachings. We had Religious Education lessons in High School too. I knew how to be a Catholic. The church was central to life on the island and everything happened because and around church feast days. My Aunt was the first person to indicate that it was okay not to be a nun but still work for the church.

Go! Proclaim to the People of St Peter's

I had the incredible opportunity to attend a mission school in Rome for 9 months.  A regular part of the program was Street Evangelisation in which we would share the gospel to the people in Peter’s Square.

I spent 3 months doing this week in and week out when I eventually reached breaking point and just lost all motivation to evangelise.  I said, “I don’t feel like doing it, it’s pointless and I can’t be bothered.”  I stealthily avoided the task by volunteering to do jobs like hold the cross, play guitar and sing while praying – not that these jobs were not important for the cause but my motivation was negative – it was for the purpose to not do what I was meant to be doing: evangelise.

Building Lives of Beauty

I recently travelled to South America as one of the millions of pilgrims who celebrated World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. I went with no particular agenda, save that at some point on my journey God would give me something to inspire me on my Christian walk.

Testimony of Faith: Jessica Leach

All my life I believed in a God I couldn't feel. I'd been raised in a strong Catholic family and I really did believe in Him but I never prayed, so He always seemed very distant. It was really hard to live a life of faith when God felt far away. I wanted to be a good Christian but as I grew up I thought, 'I guess I'm not the sort of person who has a 'personal relationship' with Jesus.'

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