Evangelise Australia :: Issue 11 :: July 2012
Subject: Evangelise Australia :: Issue 11 :: July 2012
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Issue 11 :: July 2012


“The whole Church is missionary, and the work of evangelization is a basic duty of the People of God”Ad Gentes (Second Vatican Council)

“If we are to fully and effectively implement the new evangelization we need to foster a culture of witness in which all the baptized – young and old, rich and poor, introverted and extroverted alike – understand the mission and embrace it with enthusiasm.” – Martha Fernandez-Sardina.

From the Bishops

New Surge of Gospel Energy

As we look to the Year of Grace we echo the words of John Paul II: “Start afresh from Christ”. The Jesus from whom we start afresh is not simply some wise teacher or wondrous miracle- worker from the distant past. Nor is he some peerless role-model who lived long ago and whom we must strive to emulate without ever managing to do so. He is the Lord crucified and risen who is here and now or nowhere and never. He is among us as presence and power; and the encounter with him is the very heart of the Christian life and of the Church’s mission.

Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have sounded the call to a new evangelization, seeing this as the true purpose of the Second Vatican Council. Their call is no vapid mantra. It points to the need for a new surge of Gospel energy at this time – the kind of new threshold that we have seen before in the history of the Church, often in dark and difficult times. All our structures, strategies and services must be geared to this new surge of Gospel energy, this new evangelization, which can come only from a new and deeper encounter with the Lord crucified and risen.

The Church is wounded; the Church is always wounded in one way or another, though never unto death. The wounds of this time will be healed only if we come to Jesus, through whom flows the power that can turn all our wounds to fountains, all our weakness to strength. Only then will we be equipped, indeed empowered, for the mission, the new evangelization, to which not just the Popes but the Holy Spirit is now summoning the whole Church. We need to be born anew from the wounded side of Christ.

From the homily delivered at the Solemn Mass and Liturgical Reception for the new Archbishop of Brisbane, Most Rev Mark Coleridge. May 11, 2012. Read the complete sermon here.

Testimony of Faith

Love Beyond Measure - Corinne (NSW)
Corinne will be one of the presenters at next month’s PROCLAIM 2012 conference.

I was once a very bitter lost little girl struggling to find meaning and purpose in a very chaotic life. By the time I reached early adolescence my brother was diagnosed with cancer, my father’s alcoholism became very abusive and my best friend committed suicide. I developed self destructive habits in an attempt to deal with life. Read more...

If you have a story of how God has brought you back to Himself, and would like to share it in a following issue of this newsletter, please contact us.

Upcoming events

July 2012

  • 11-15 Jul - SCENE
    Sydney Congress Embracing the New Evangelisation. See credosydney.org
  • 21-22 Jul - menALIVE weekend
    Men explore what makes them fully alive. Gunghalin, ACT. See menalive.org.au
  • 28 Jul - SIP 3D Day
    Reflect and learn about the "Spirituality of Conversation". Hunters Hill, NSW. See catalyst-for-renewal.com.au

August 2012

  • 9-11 Aug - PROCLAIM2012
    National conference empowering the church in Australia in the new evangelisation.
    See proclaimconference.com.au
  • 17 Aug - Real Power
    What is the real power in being a man? Townsville, QLD. See menalive.org.au
  • 25-26 Aug - New Life Seminar
    Experience a personal encounter with Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Dulwich, SA. See schoolofevangelisation.org.au

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As the seed grows silently in the earth,
As the yeast rises in the dough,
May your power, Spirit of God, be at work in us.

Like a city set on a hill,
Like a lamp shining in the darkness,
May we witness together,
Calling our brothers and sisters to the glory of your light
And the peace and justice of your kingdom.

Prayer Source: caseresources.org.uk
Illustration by Elizabeth Wang, T-01269-OL, ‘Sheltered by His Glory’,
© Radiant Light 2012, www.radiantlight.org.uk

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